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'Personal service is our specialty'

P.A.S. is committed to providing sound advice based upon your needs and our comprehensive market knowledge. We are authorised to advise and arrange on all matters involving General Insurance.

We offer a range of services to assist you to protect your assets. These include:

  • Reviewing and advising on your insurance needs

  • Arranging and renewing insurance contracts on your behalf

  • Arranging premium funding, if required

  • Assisting with insurance claims

To enable us to provide advice which is appropriate to your circumstances, we will need you to provide us with complete information about the risk(s) to be insured, your situation and your needs and objectives. You should also tell us about any relevant changes as they occur.

If you are unable or chose not to provide some information to us, we will be unable to comprehensively review your circumstances. As this may limit our ability to make appropriate recommendations, you will need to assess the appropriateness of our advice to your needs before acting on it.










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