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Group Sickness & Accident

Like most things, Insurance is generally less expensive when purchased by groups of people rather than individuals. Also, the policy conditions are generally more generous when applied to groups. It is this “grouping concept” which has been used in our work over many years to enable us to provide affordable Sickness & Accident Insurance for our clients.

Most employed workers are normally covered under Work Cover for an injury or illness that is work related. However, they may have no protection for their lost earnings if they suffer from sickness or an accident outside working hours.

Statistically, only about 4% of all accidents & illnesses are covered by Work Cover. Sickness & Accident Plans are in place to provide members with a source of income whilst off work due to an accident or illness that occurs outside working hours.

Our Sickness & Accident Plans pay a weekly income to a claimant to allow him/her to continue to meet financial commitments while recovering. This removes the need for them to utilize any accumulated holiday leave, long service leave or their savings and ensures that they are not a financial drain on their fellow workers or family , who may feel compelled to offer assistance.

In short, it guarantees an income and their dignity.

If you would like to find out more on Sickness & Accident Group Insurance please contact our office. Alternatively you can email Steve Panozzo or Julie Pearce, please see contact us page for details.

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